Performance Etiquette

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Posted By: Joel Levitz
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, May 15 2018
Etiquette – during a performance/competition

When Mike walks towards the audience to accept applause at the top of a performance or competition, there should be a slight press forward from the chorus.  Put your weight on your forward foot, and stand a little taller.  As you’ll see below, you should be looking straight out into the audience, and when Mike turns back to us we should settle our eyes on him and our weight back into chorus position.

The audience’s eyes will go where your eyes are.  So in general, follow Mike’s gaze
  • If Mike’s eyes are on us, we should be laser focused on him – then the audience will see the chorus as a whole. 
  • If Mike turns towards the audience, our heads and eyes go straight “down the tiles” to the audience.  This can happen during a song, as we receive applause, or at his discretion.
  • If there is a quartet, VLQ, MC, guest speaker, or anybody else in front of a microphone or performing outside the chorus, our eyes are on that person or group.  If our eyes wander, so will the audience’s.

No clapping for performers while we are on stage.  If we are on stage, we are being represented by whoever is performing, so they are essentially a part of us – and it’s bad form to applaud for yourself.

No fidgeting, sneezing into hands, pushing eyeglasses higher onto nose, or other distracting movements.  Yes, that may mean the guy in front of you gets an extra shower.  They’ll forgive you.

Everything in the Rules of Thumb page apply as well.