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  • Guest Night July 31, 2017
  •  Mon, Jul 24 2017
    Guest Night July 31, 2017
    Join us at Good Shepherd Church for a fabulous guest night under our new director, Mike McGee. Follow the link on the flyer to obtain sheet music and learning tracks. 
  • GREAT job, fellas!
  •  Wed, Oct 19 2016

    I am so very proud of the performance you gave at the FWD Fall contest last weekend!  You put on stage one of the finest performances that I've ever seen from you.  You sang from the heart and you performed with authenticity! You should be proud of the work you did leading up to that performance as well.  I worked you hard over the past few weeks and that work paid off!

    Our next rehearsal and Guest Night is an opportunity to take us to the next level.  We really need to build our membership significantly.  More guys means more ideas, more input and more creativity for an active chorus like us!  More guys means more income from memberships, ticket sales and fund-raising.  More guys means more people spreading this great hobby!  I can't stress enough how important it is for EVERY guy to bring at least one guest.  MORE is even better!  And please get those flyers out into the community!  Who knows what sort of Kismet is waiting out there!

    I hope you will continue bringing your A game to the next season of rehearsals and performances, too!  This will ensure that those who come to our rehearsals will want to return, be committed and help us in our continuing quest for excellence.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you all on the 24th and meeting all our new guests!



  • Guest Night - Monday, Oct. 24th!
  •  Mon, Oct 17 2016
    Guest Night - Monday, Oct. 24th!
    Come visit Pacific Sound Chorus on Monday October 24th at 7:30PM to experience what it is like to sing 4 part harmony! Many of our members can attest to the fact that it only takes 1 time to be hooked. Bring a friend as well! We don't want to keep this experience a secret from any men that want to SING! If you plan on coming, please drop a line to or call us at 805-312-6439. We hope to see you there!
    Guest Night Flyer
  • Save the Date!
  •  Mon, May 23 2016
    Save the Date!
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Barbershop at '84 Olympics
  •  Mon, Apr 11 2016
    Back in 1984 a quartet of mine, Santa Barbara Sound, had the distinct privilege of singing for the crowds at the rowing venue at Lake Casitas for the 1984 Olympic Games.

    This article appeared in the Harmonizer and while cleaning off my desk this weekend, I ran across this copy and thought you might enjoy it...
  •  Tue, Apr 5 2016
    As I announced last night, the guy got the chance to rent out the Hollister Ave Event Center to someone who would pay four times what we'll pay, so he switched us to the Butler Event Center in Montecito, which is the old CafĂ© Del Sol, right on the bird refuge at the edge of Montecito.  Frankly, it's probably a better location for the 100+ people we will have at the event…the other venue held 300 people!  Maybe next year…
    Anyway, here's the new flyer.
    It's important to tell everyone in the chorus for sure but also you have to reach out to everyone you've told about the event or invited to attend the event.  I know…it's a hassle…  I'm not pleased with the extra work but looking on the bright side, it's a chance to reconnect with everyone about how much fun this will be and in the long run, it's a better venue.
    iBTW...start using our new website.  It's much better and easier to navigate than anything we've used in the past. 

    Task for today: You all need to respond and say you'll be attending this event,

    In Harmony...,
  • Show how much you care this Valentine's - With a song!
  •  Wed, Jan 27 2016
    This Valentine's Day, show a loved one just how much you care with TWO heart=felt serenades! We'll be delivering these serenades as quartets on February 12, 13, and 14th along with a card and a fresh red rose. Contact Monty at 800-353-1623 to book yours today!
    Singing Valentine's Flyer
  • Pacific Sound Volunteers at the Unity Shoppe Telethon
  •  Sat, Dec 12 2015
    Pacific Sound performed on the Unity Shoppe Telethon, which airs in Santa Barbara as a fundraiser for the services they provide year round. They aim to prevent homelessness and welfare dependency by supplementing basic necessities such that people can afford to pay monthly rent and utilities. They offer classes on topics such as computer skills, merchandising, and customer relations to prepare people for the work force. They also offer year-round free grocery and clothing stores so people can acquire basic needs. Visit the Unity Shoppe online at
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