Useful Apps

Type of post: Chorus Documentation
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, Apr 24 2018

Some useful apps for your devices:

*please note, Pacific Sound and the Barbershop Harmony Society are not affiliated with any of these apps or their developers.  We do not provide technical support nor guarantee any results, nor even guarantee the links or apps still exist.  (they all did as of 4/24/2018)  We've just had various members find them useful, and so we're passing the information along to you.  With that in mind, and in no particular order...

iOS, Mac, Windows, Android
Change pitch or speed of any MP3 - particularly useful for fast-moving learning tracks...
iOS and Android
Vocal Warmups, register blending exercises.

Free demo with in-app purchases.
Tonal Energy
iOS or Android
Helps musicians to improve sound quality and intonation.

Tuning, volume, articulation, release, duration, and steadiness are the key elements of developing a beautiful tone quality. TonalEnergy Tuner is the first multi-purpose application that allows users of all ages to understand and improve every aspect of their sound.
Harmonize - Just Intonation
iOS or Android
Learn to have perfect and relative pitch
iOS only
Test and improve pitch discrimination
Tag Master
iOS or Android
Tags, tags, and more tags!
What’s My Note?
iOS or Android
Import or take photo of sheet music, then touch a note to hear its pitch
iPad only
Sheet Music Reader
Drawboard PDF
Windows 10 only
PDF Reader for Win10.  Integrates with the "pen" of a Microsoft Surface (and I assume other integrated pens) to allow you to write directly on the PDF.  It was designed for drafters and architects, but it works very well for sheet music.
UCLA Music Theory
iOS and Android
Learn music theory with the tools provided to UCLA students
iPad only
Find and tune chords for your arrangement

Note: This requires some heavy knowledge of music theory – it’ll ask you for the name of the chord you’re trying to tune, and the name of the chord you’re moving to next.  It will then provide you options for what note each part could be on, and how those parts should tune those notes.  Very cool for advanced users, but not recommended unless you are one.