Music Learning Approach

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Date Posted: Wed, Apr 18 2018

Song Learning Approach

(Easy, Accurate and Fast!)
Balance the left and right channels of your stereo so your voice part on the learning recording is loud enough to be easily heard above the other 3 parts.
  1. Listening Step — While following your voice part notes on the sheet music (if you do not read music, follow the notes visually by contour), listen to your part without singing 2 to 4 times through depending on difficulty.  Listen extra times to places that seem tough or that do not seem to match what you see on the sheet music.
  2. Doo-doo-doo Step — Sing “doo-doo-doo” on your part 2 to 4 times through.  Learn to match the pitches and rhythms of the learning recording.  Set the recording louder than your “doo-ing” and let it lead your learning.  Again, “doo” extra times on the tough places.  If there’s a place too tough to get from the recording, see your section leader—do not “shrug-off” and rehearse mistakes.  On the final doo-ing pass, set the sheet music aside and let the recording lead your ears to the right pitches and rhythms.
  3. Muscle Memory Step — Stand and silently mime the song 2 to 4 times through with the recording.  Breathe and support as if actually singing.  Form vowels and consonants with lips and tongue as if you were singing a perfect rendition.  Silently create the physical throat and larynx formations for accurate pitches and freely produced tone as if singing a perfect unison duet with the recorded voice.  On the final muscle memory pass, set the sheet music aside and let the recording lead your ears to the right muscle memory patterns.
  4. Full Singing Step — Put it all together and fully sing with the recording.  Let the recording continue to lead your learning on the first run-through or two.  Then, on successive reps, gradually shift the channel balance on the stereo until you are tuning your voice to the other three parts quartet-style.
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