Just in Time

  • General Song Details
  • Made available: Mon, Jan 6 2020
    "Off-book" date: Thu, Nov 7 2019
    Status: Active
    Song Category: General Repertoire
    Part of public repertoire? No
    Contestable Barbershop?: No
    Singing assessment: Not required
    Presentation assessment: Not required
    Arranger: Dave Briner
    Composer: Jule Styne
    Lyricist: Betty Comden and Adolph Green
    Key written in: D Major
    Key sung in: D Major
    First words: Well, I don't mean maybe
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  • Notes for members
  • In the original sheet music, page 6 is a set of three optional sections.  Per Mike's instruction, we will be using:

    ORIGINAL measures 27-28
    ORIGINAL measures 43-44
    ALTERNATE ending

    Please be aware of this change when you are listening to the learning tracks, as they only follow the originally written measures.


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