Hey, Good Lookin'

  • General Song Details
  • Made available: Mon, Nov 12 2018
    "Off-book" date: Sun, Dec 2 2018
    Status: Active
    Song Category: Contest Song
    General Repertoire
    Song Style: Up-tempo
    Part of public repertoire? No
    Contestable Barbershop?: Yes
    Singing assessment: Not required
    Presentation assessment: Not required
    Arranger: Gentry
    Composer: Hank Williams
    Lyricist: Hank Williams
    Key written in: C Major
    Key sung in: C Major
    First words: Hey, Hey
    Duration: 2m 11s
  • Notes for members
  • Note from Joel:
    When we first got the sheet music for this one, it was because some of us had sung the song in Platoon and had it from there.  I knew we had ordered physical copies, but hadn't yet had a chance to scan and them...so I honestly didn't know if there were any differences.  I uploaded the Platoon version and labeled it "(temp)".

    Now I have both and can compare.

    Bear in mind that I only looked at the tenor part, but knowing that, I found exactly two differences between the two versions of the chart:
    1. In the printed "official" copy, measure 36 is split between the first and second staves of page 4.  In the Platoon "temp" copy, all four beats of measure 36 are on the top staff.
    2. The spelling of chords in measures 65 and 66 is different.  They're the same chords, just notated slightly differently -- in the Platoon "temp" version, you've got tenors with a G# (and a note that that's the same as Ab), and in the printed "official" copy, you've got baritones with a Ebb (and a note that that's the same as D Natural).

    I found no other meaningful changes between the two.  Sure, the Platoon copy doesn't have the Stock # or copyright information printed on page 1, but that doesn't really affect us as singers.  So unless Mike or one of the other parts' section leaders sees something I don't, I see no reason for you to not pick the one you want (or the one you already have printed).

    Both are now on this page.


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  • 2020-01-13 Rehearsal