Pacific Sound

Event Program, For 05/22/2019 - Performance: First United Methodist Church (Ventura)

Event Start time: 7:00pm
Event Duration: 1.5 hrs
Performers meeting time: 5:30pm
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
7:00pmPerform songI've Been Working On The Railroad (PC210) (B♭)3 
7:03pmPerform songThere'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano (B♭)2 
7:05pmIntroduce group1Bobby GeorgesIntro: RR
7:06pmQuartet4Rincon Rovers - 2 songs (Hi Neighbor, Drivin' Me Crazy)
7:10pmIntroduce song1Brent AndersonIntro: PS
7:11pmPerform songHey, Good Lookin' (C)3 
7:14pmPerform songJust in Time (D)3 
7:17pmPerform songzzArchived: Fit as a Fiddle (E♭)2On the bubble - may skip
7:19pmPerform songFrom the First Hello to the Last Goodbye (PC206) (F)3 
7:22pmIntroduce group1Courtney Anderson-GeorgesIntro: MN
7:23pmQuartet8Modern Nostalgia - 3 songs (Brand New Day, Witchcraft, Hello My Baby)
7:31pmIntroduce group1Brent AndersonIntro: ChannelAire
7:32pmRun through set20ChannelAire
7:52pmIntroduce group1Bobby GeorgesIntro: PM
7:53pmQuartet8Priority Male - 3 songs (Nevertheless, So Much in Love, What a Wonderful World)
8:01pmIntroduce group1Brent AndersonIntro: NMS
8:02pmPerform songNo More Sorrow (B♭)2 
8:04pmIntroduce song1Courtney Anderson-GeorgesIntro: Peace on Earth
8:05pmPerform songLet There Be Peace On Earth (E♭)3 
Program Duration: 68 minutes; Finish time: 8:08pm