Pacific Sound

Event Program, For 07/06/2020 - Virtual Rehearsal

Event Start time: 7:30pm
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
7:30pmBump in15Welcome / Catching Up
7:45pmVR - Mental Warm-Up5Bobby GeorgesMental Warm Up with Cy Wood -
7:50pmVR - Vocal Warm-up20Bobby GeorgesVocal Warm Up with Darlene Rogers -
8:10pmVR - Tag Video / Learning Material7Russell RawlsLone Prairie (Norman Luboff) -
8:17pmVR - Tag Video / Learning Material5Russell RawlsMidnight Rose (Bluegrass Student Union) -
8:22pmVR - Rep Songs6Doug Van Bogelen 
8:28pmVR - Rep Songs6Doug Van Bogelen 
8:34pmVR - Rep Songs6Doug Van Bogelen 
8:40pmDiscussion10Good News
8:50pmVR - Virtual Chorus videos10It's the Music: Tag (Ms 29 - end)
9:00pmVR - Music Appreciation4Courtney Anderson-GeorgesVoctave - Someone Like You feat. Jody McBrayer -
9:04pmVR - Music Appreciation4Courtney Anderson-GeorgesVoctave - Fly Medley -
9:08pmClosing songKeep the Whole World Singing / The Old Songs (E♭)2 
Program Duration: 100 minutes; Finish time: 9:10pm